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Eugene Smith

Gene is a Professor Emeritus and Director of the CLAGR lab.

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Racheal Johnsen

Racheal is a Post-doctoral Research Associate and is CLAGR lab manager.


Minghua Ren

Minghua is a Research Professor in the Department of Geoscience and Director of the Electron Microanalysis and Imaging Laboratory (EMiL) at UNLV.


Alex Hlebovy

Alex is an undergraduate student majoring in Geology. He is working in CLAGR as a laboratory assistant.


Alex Newsom

Alex is an undergradate geology major working on an Honor's Thesis. Alex was successful in identifying Bishop Tuff in Las Vegas Formation Unit X at Whitney Mesa in Henderson, Nevada.

Collaborating Scientists at Arizona State University

Our work is funded by a collaborative NSF grant to UNLV and ASU.  The ASU School of Human Origins and Social Change is actively setting up a cryptotephra lab that will coordinate and share work with UNLV.


Jayde Hirniak

Jayde is a Ph.D. candidate at ASU and is manager of the ASU lab.


Chris Campisano

Chris is an associate professor in the ASU School of Human Origins and Social Change. He is the director of the tephra lab at ASU.

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Curtis Marean

Curtis is a professor in the School of Human Origins and Social Change at ASU and heads the research team searching for Toba across Africa.

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